Don't forget. If you are worried about anything, you can always put a note in your classroom 'worry box' or come and see us during morning break time. We'll do our best to help you.

Our Wellbeing Team (WBT) have a variety of roles.


  • support children with emotional needs
  • support children who sometimes struggle with their behaviour
  • carry out sessions on anger management, self esteem, emotional literacy, nurture, social stories, social skills, play therapy, friendship skills
  • are part of the Place2Be mental health champion training and have created an action plan to meet the needs of our pupils.


We work with identified children/small groups and carefully plan the activities, strategies and techniques used within each session. Our main aim is to encourage and support children who are experiencing difficulties, working with them so that they can achieve their goals. Our team sometimes work within the classroom supporting individuals or groups and we also have four specialist rooms where we can carry out 1-1 or small group sessions.

We offer all kinds of help along the way and our door is always open (for both parents and children).

5 GREAT ways to Wellbeing

Before we return to school / home learning,  I thought it would be a good idea to remind ourselves of the 5 ways to improve our wellbeing.  ...
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Wellbeing Team Newsletter

​Here is our latest wellbeing team newsletter and just a little reminder of how it is easy to take for granted all the good things that we have i...
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Skipbeatz Home Activity Session Week 4

Hi everybody It's that time to get active again with week 4 of Skipbeatz Home Activity Sessions. This week the exercises mean that you have ...
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Skipbeatz Home Activity Session Week 3

Hi everyone. It's time to get active again with Week 3 of Skipbeatz Home Activity session. It's Children's Mental Health Week and one of the...
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Skipbeatz Home Activity Session 2

Hi everyone. It's time to get active again with Week 2 of Skipbeatz HomeActivity session. It would be great if you could send in some photos...
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5 Ways to Wellbeing - Take Notice

This week in our 5 ways to wellbeing we are looking at 'Take Notice'   With a lot of us at home at the moment, it is really important t...
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Skipbeatz Home Activity Session

As Pete (aka Skipbeatz) is not able to come into school at the moment, he has filmed a home activity video to get you all up and moving...
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5 Ways to Wellbeing - Connect

The first of our 5 ways to wellbeing  we are focussing on is 'Connect'   Being 'connected' is about building and keeping up relationships wi...
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5 Ways to Wellbeing

As mentioned in our last wellbeing newsletter, our children's emotional wellbeing is extremely important to us her at Surrey Street.  It is essen...
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Christmas Raffle

Getting ready for the Christmas Raffle next week. One of these lucky tickets will be taking home an iPad Air + many other great prizes....
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Thought for the Day

2020 has thrown up many challenges.  Life has been very different this year. Never forget that the most important person you need to be proud of ...
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Thought for the Day

Christmas is coming and hope everyone has told Santa what presents they would like, I used to study the Argos catalogue for my Christma...
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Wellbeing Quiet Area

Over the Summer, the wellbeing team have been working hard to make our quiet area a peaceful place for our children to visit during the school day.&nb...
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Have you filled a bucket today?

​Happy Tuesday from the Wellbeing team.  Whether you're at home or at school, remember that it's really important that you're kind and thoug...
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Monday Motivation

What a beautiful day.  The weather forecast says we are going to have sunshine all week.  It doesn't matter if you're at school or at home, ...
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Help us all to stay safe

​Please remember that with some children returning to school, it is really important that we maintain the social distancing rules especially with pare...
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Be a Rainbow

It's a big day for the Surrey Street family with some of our Year 6 children returning to school.  We have talked a lot about kindness and it is ...
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Kindness is free

​A lot of things in today's world cost money but always remember,  'kindness' is free. You can keep some kindness for yourself but it's best...
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Let's all be kind today.

​As it's Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought that it would be good to share another important fact about kindness. 'If you want to be awesome, be ...
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Let's all be kind

Always remember that every act of kindness, however small, has the potential to make the world a happier place.