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Please see below copies of the documents available to parents about the Scopay Cashless System (www.scopay.com)

You will need an 'Access Letter' in order to use Scopay. If you have lost your letter or didn’t receive one - Please inform the kitchen so a new access letter can be generated for you.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO REGISTER - Even those who have free school meals or packed lunches.

Once registered, please ensure there is money in your child's account each week to cover the amount of school dinners they require. A good idea would be to top up the account over the weekend for the week ahead.




A school dinner costs £2.20 per day or £11.00 a week. (FROM THE 1ST APRIL 2021)

You can also use Scopay to pay for class trips, Christmas dinner and to make uniform payments online.

'Standard' Free School Meals... Why apply?

  • If you or your partner are claiming either Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or if your family income is below a certain level you may qualify to have your child's school dinner paid for by the council.
  • Registering for this will help your school – for every child that registers for a free school meal, the school will receive a Government grant of £600 per child and we will give you a £7 uniform voucher termly if your child has over 96% attendance!

For more information please ring Luton Borough Council Customer Services on 01582 510346 or visit


'Universal' Free School Meals ... Is your child in Year R, 1 or 2 ?

  • If the answer is yes then your child could be having free dinners at school!
  • Since September 2014 the Government will provide school dinners to children in these year groups.
  • All we ask is that you look out for a letter which is asking about your family income and of any benefits you may be eligible for. Please complete this letter and send it back to us urgently.
  • Universal Free School Meals are funded by the Government but with the information you give us on the above mentioned letter, we could receive funding of up to £600 per child

For more information please see someone in the school office.

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Documents about School Meals


GROW Menu Oct 21 with Halal Choice

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How to make online payments in Scopay

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Scopay Frequently Asked Questions

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How to activate my Scopay Account

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Packed Lunch Summary

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