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Wednesday 21st October CRIMSON CLASS

 Good morning, Crimson Class! How are you all today? I hope you are all doing OK :)

Firstly, we have to start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a football-crazy member of our class. Head over to the blog to see who it is and you can wish them happy birthday too!

Well done to the following children who sent work on Class Dojo yesterday. You made me so happy and I really enjoyed replying to you. 

Cairon, Ishaaq, Roberto, Samuel, Mya, Courtney, Tauhid, Shayma, Adn, Aron, Ahmed, Robert, Nisha, Denis

Special shout out also has to go to Kaydan for completing loads of work on MyMaths! Amazing!

Also, well done to Yusef for doing lots of work on Purple Mash. 

What superstars you all are! If you didn't send me your work yesterday, please do send me it today - I would love to see it!

Here is our timetable for today:

​Class story

​It was great reading the first part of Julian's chapter yesterday. Lots of you were shocked by how he was getting nightmares! Here is the next chapter. I'm sorry in advance as I did leave it on a bit of a cliffhanger hehehe. Listen out for a hello from a special someone...
Artist Name - Part 2 of Auggie and Me.m4a


​Here are this week's spelling words.  Please practise them using one of the strategies on the poster. You can do this on paper or in your purple book.


Today we are finishing the newspaper report. I was so impressed with the ones I read yesterday! You have chosen such great headlines, used lots of relative clauses and remembered capital letters on proper nouns. Please carry on where you wrote yesterday; you do not need new DUMTUMS.

Here is a video of me writing mine. The slides are under the video.


​Today in maths, we are learning to simplify fractions. Please follow the slides (including watching the video -the link is on  the slide) and then do the worksheet which is on the second to last slide. 
The answers are on the last slide so you can mark your own work. Thank you for being super sensible with doing this yesterday!


Have a lovely day! Looking forward to chatting with you all on the blog. Message me on Class Dojo if you need anything! :) 

Thursday 22nd October CRIMSON CLASS
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