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Tuesday 20th October CRIMSON

Good morning Crimson Class! Miss Betts here. Welcome to our first day of proper home learning. We are going to be amazing!

Kaydan and Saleem, Mrs Davis will be in touch with you to tell you where your Flamingo Retreat work is. 

Yusef and Tayba, please check the Welcome Class page for your maths and English work. 

Here is our timetable for today: 

​Class story

​Enjoy the first part of the Julian chapter! Listen here and let me know  on the blog what you think! 

Artist Name - Part 1 of class story.m4a


​This week we would have been doing spelling bee. Don't worry - we will do another one and beat Magenta after half term! For today, please could you write out the spelling words in your neatest handwriting in your purple books. 


 In our English lesson today, we are going to be writing the first half of the newspaper report about the incident that happened to Auggie at camp. Most of you have your purple books so you have your plans which I had marked. If you don't have your purple book, you can just use my ideas :)

Please write your news paper in your purple book or on paper. The DUMTUMS are:

Tuesday 20th October

W.A.L. to write a newspaper report

Here is a link to a video of me doing my writing. Please watch this and then you can do your writing. 

The slides are here so you can have a look at them and I have put my example one on there too. When you have finished your writing for today, please send it to me on Class Dojo or the blog. I will give you some feedback and I will then mark them properly when we're back at school.  


​We are starting to look at fractions in maths today. We will recap all this work in school too but please try your best to have a go.
We are going to be learning about equivalent fractions. 

Please follow the slides (there is a Youtube link on one of the slides which will help you) and then complete the challenge in your maths book (the DUMTUMS are on the slide). Please keep your work neat. 

The answers are on the next slide so that you can mark your work. If you are stuck, message me on the blog or on Class Dojo and I will happily help you.​

I have set you some MyMaths on equivalent fractions which you can also choose to do if you want to.

 ​Topic - DT - sewing

​If we were at school today, we would have been finishing sewing our phone socks and making mini cushions with our left over material. However, as we are at home and you all have different resources, you have three choices of activity you can do:

Option 1:  Create a mini cushion using sewing and material that you have at home. (Please see slides below for ideas on how to do this.) Think about which stitch you will use to make sure your cushion is secure. Could you also sew on a button for decoration?

Option 2: Create a poster about the different types of stitches you have learnt (I have included the knowledge organiser under the slides if you need a bit of help.) Also include general sewing tips on your poster like how to thread a needle, how to finish a stitch, how to tie a knot and how to stitch in a straight line.

Option 3: Write a set of instructions for how to make your phone sock. You can do this in your purple book. Remember to include a list of equipment that your reader will need and adverbs of time like firstly and after that.

Have a lovely day! If you need any help, please just message on Class Dojo or on the blog. Look forward to chatting with you all on the blog! 

Wednesday 21st October CRIMSON CLASS
Year 6 Behaviour Scales