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Thursday 25th February!

Good morning, Year 6! How are you this morning? We hope you are well!

A big happy birthday to someone in Crimson!!! Head over to the blog to see who it is and wish them a happy birthday!! :) 

Here is what the day is looking like:


Here are your English slides for today!


The video will be sent out on class dojo closer to the time. Take a picture of you watching it to show us you have tuned in!


Here are your maths slides for today!


Here are your spellings slides for today! 

Class story

Here is chapter 11 of the story. The poor children!!!!!!

A Series  Of Unfortunate Events - Chapter 11.m4a

Topic - RE

Here are your RE slides for today!

Read Theory

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge Magenta's mini win?! Well done for taking your first lead in the competition! You may have won the yesterday's battle but the war is not over yet...

Well done to all the amazing children who are taking the time to log into Read Theory and complete 5 quizzes to claim a point for their class.

Good afternoon!
Good afternoon!