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Monday 1st March

Good morning year 6 and welcome to our final week of home learning! This time next week we will all be back together at school and we are so excited to see you all again! :D 

Let's make this our best week of home learning yet!!!!!

This week, Mrs Ogunji is teaching at school and Miss Betts is working at home so message her if you need anything.

We have a fun day of learning ahead. Here is our timetable: 


Complete the Joe Wicks workout. Have fun!


The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Welcome to the Body Coach TV where I post weekly home workouts to help you get, stronger, healthier and happier.


​Last week Magenta Class took the Read Theory crown. However, Miss Betts is confident that Crimson can steal it back this week. Earn your class their point by completing your 5 quizzes now!!!!


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Log in to access free reading comprehension and writing exercises sure to improve your critical thinking skills.


This week our English lessons are based around our new class story - PIG HEART BOY! It is a grown up book and we think you will really enjoy it. Today, we are learning about the author of the book and we'll start reading it tomorrow :D


Make sure you watch the video before attempting the challenge. Have fun! The answers will be uploaded at 1pm so you can check how you did.

​Class story

​Listen her for the final chapter of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Will Count Olaf steal the Baudelaire orphans' fortune? Will Sunny escape the cage? LISTEN TO FIND OUT! We will watch the movie when we are back at school together :)

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Chapter 13

​Here is the first chapter of the next book! We have lots of copies of this book in school if you'd like to read on! We will not be reading anymore as a class as we will start our new class story tomorrow.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - The Reptile Room - Chapter 1 sequel


​Here are today's French slides. 


Here are today's PSHE slides. 

Here are the challenge sheets if you would like to print them. 


Here are today's spellings slides.

We hope you have a lovely day and look forward to seeing your work on your portfolio on Class Dojo :) 

Monday afternoon
Good afternoon!