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Happy Half Term Crimson Class!

Hi Crimson Class,  

Well done for such an amazing first half term in year 6 and a brilliant few days of home learning. I hope you all have an amazing half term! You have definitely earnt it! 

Remember, even though it's half term, we all have to stay at home until Wednesday 28th October as that is when our self-isolation period ends. That is all of the children in Crimson as well as Mrs Dominowska, Mrs Davis, Miss Rogers and me!

Looking forward to seeing you all when we are back at school. In the first week back we will watch Wonder :D Here is the trailer if you want a sneak peak. I can't wait to watch it with you all!

See you on Tuesday 3rd November.

Miss Betts  :)

Live RAF workshop!
Friday 23rd October CRIMSON