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Friday 26th February

I cannot believe it is Friday already; the first week back is almost complete!

It has been jam-packed with birthday celebrations - some belated, one on time and now one that's early. Head over to the blog to find out who will be having a birthday this weekend to wish them all the best!

The work and competitions have been the hottest ​ever​ since we started remote learning this year - we are so proud of you all!! 

Here are the lessons planned for today: 


​Here is the video for today. Remember to take a picture of you tuning in to claim your house point! 


Here are your English slides for today.


​Today, you will tested on your general knowledge of prefixes. Remember the quiz closes at 11am!


Here are your maths slides for today. Watch the video before you start!

Read Theory

 You have all been 'busy bees' working on your reading comprehension and the scores continue to stack up.

Which class will be crowned the champions this week?

Class story

Here is chapter 12 - the penultimate chapter! We will listen to the final chapter on Monday!!!! Sorry for the cliff hanger hehe.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Chapter 12 (1).m4a
Good afternoon!
Good afternoon!