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Friday 23rd October CRIMSON

Good morning, Crimson! Today is the last day of this half term and our last day of home learning! Well done for all your fantastic hard work this half term and especially this week. You have shown what superstars you all are :)

 Well done to these children who sent me work yesterday:

Agnes, Cairon, Dinesh, Denis, Tamana, Shayma, Aron, Kamail, Ishaaq, Maria, Salome, Roberto, Courtney, Adn, Tauhid, Ibrahim, Samuel

That's 17 children! WOW! And I know that many of you have done the work and haven't sent it to me yet. I am very proud :)

Here is our timetable for today:

​Class story

​Here is the final part of the Julian section of Auggie and Me! I hope you enjoy it! It shocked me and I actually found some parts of it quite emotional. Let us know on the blog what you think. 

If you have enjoyed it and would like to read the Pluto and Shingaling sections, you can borrow the book from me once we're back at school. :) (Though you'll have to get it quick as I think Mrs Dominowska wants to borrow it!)

Artist Name - Fri Aug and Me Part 4.m4a


For spellings today, you can listen to me read out 10 of the words and write them down. Then, use the slides to see how many you get right! :D 

Artist Name - Friday spellings.m4a


 Read through the slides which will tell you your challenge today :)


Our maths lesson today is learning how to add and subtract fractions. Read through the slides, watch the video and then try the challenge. If you are very confident, you can start half way through the challenge and go on to the extension like we do at school.

Once you have finished, you can then check your work with the answers which are on the last slide.​

Here is how to do G and F to help you:

 ​Afternoon ideas

​I know that some of you would like some ideas of what you can do in the afternoon so here are some that you can chose to do:

-  Design a poster convincing people to watch the movie Wonder. Include drawings of the characters. (If you Google Wonder characters the drawings of the characters come up.) We are going to watch Wonder on our first week back at school in one of the afternoons :D

- you could do another Draw With Rob activity like we did yesterday. His website with all the videos is here:


#DrawWithRob — Rob Biddulph

During the coronavirus quarantine period in Spring/Summer 2020, I realised that lots of people were going to find themselves at home with their children for several weeks/months looking for things to do. So I decided to post some draw-along videos that parents could watch with their kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures. Let's use this time to be CREATIVE!

Have a lovely day and a fantastic half term! Chat to you on the blog :) 

​Remember, even though it's half term, we all have to stay at home until the end of Wednesday 28th October as that is when our self-isolation period ends. 

Happy Half Term Crimson Class!
Thursday 22nd October CRIMSON CLASS