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Check your answers! - 18/5/21

Another successful day has come to an end. We have been 'wowed' yet again by all of your hard work and effort!

Give yourself a pat on the back =)

Here are the answers for today...

Today's riddle:

What can you swallow that can also swallow you?



A special shout out to Sami who came up with the answer 'pride'. I think that deserves a house point even though it wasn't the answer we were looking for - don't you? 

Maths Mystery:

Here are the answers for today's maths mystery. The thief was Victor Video. Well done to everyone who managed to work out the answer!


List 3 things you learned from listening to today's Newsround.

Send in your list on class dojo! 

2 day down, 3 more to go. See you back here tomorrow =) 

Good morning! - 19/5/21
Good morning! - 18/5/21