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Check your answers! - 19/5/21

We made it through that half-way point in the week. Another successful day at home...check!

Here are the answers for today...

Today's riddle:

What's never used until it's broken?


An egg! 

A special shout out today goes to Scarlett (who said glowstick); Hanifat (who said coconut); and Victoria (who said a promise) which we thought were all valid suggestions for a house point. Well done girls!

Maths Mystery:

Here are the answers for today's maths mystery. The culprit was Sara Sauce . Well done to everyone who managed to work out the answer! 

Well done to everyone who sent in their 3 learned facts from Newsround today - you are all superstars!!

3 day down, 2 more to go. See you back here tomorrow =) 

Good morning! - 20/5/21
Good morning! - 19/5/21