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Remote learning for Friday 29th January

Good morning year 2!

Below are your remote learning tasks for today.

We will also be posting the lessons at the suggested times shown on the daily timetable on Class Dojo. 


Today, you will be writing the text from memory.

Go through the lesson slides shown below. A video to help you with this lesson will be posted on Class Dojo this morning.

Then, have a go at one of the challenges as explained on the slides. The resource for blue challenge is shown below. This does not need to be printed, it can just be used to refer to.

Please send us photos or videos of you acting out the text using the portfolio feature on Class Dojo. You can also send photos of your work to us via messages on Class Dojo or to .


Today, you will be doubling and halving.

Go through the lesson slides below. There are videos and voice clips on the slides to help you. To hear them, you need to download the PowerPoint file using the link below.  


Here are your spelling lesson slides for today! A video to help you with this lesson will be posted on Class Dojo later on today. 

After going through the lesson slides, have a go at the spelling rule quiz that we have set for you as a 2Do on Purple Mash.

Enjoy your tasks for today and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Rabheru, Mrs Khatun, Mrs Blake, Mrs Devine and Miss Greatbatch

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