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Home Learning - Monday 24th May 2021


Copy the link and put it into your browser to listen to the story of Izzy Gizmo.Once you have heard the story, can you write a list of all the inventions she created?


This week you will continue learning about multiplication and division.

Recap the 5 times table by skip counting in fives.

Go through slide 18 on the 2MD-1 PowerPoint again focusing on writing repeated addition sentences and corresponding multiplication equations for the 5 times table. Use the questions on the slide as prompts.

Language focus example:

"The 3 represents the number of groups." "The 5 represents the number of eggs in each group." "The 15 represents the total number of eggs."

Then, go through the example questions on the slides. Solve given multiplication equations using your knowledge of the 5 times table (the equations are shown on the slides).

You can draw images for each equation, write the repeated addition sentence and then verbally practice using the language focus.

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