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In English this week we have been learning a new wishing story. It is called the Magic Paintbrush. We found a paintbrush in our class with a label on it from Rosie and we all thoroughly enjoyed painting lots of pictures of things we would like. It was great fun!!

The Magic Paintbrush

A long time ago there was a little girl called Rosie who was very poor indeed.Rosie loved drawing.

Sadly, she didn't have any money for pens and paints so instead she drew pictures in the sand.

One day, a kind old lady met Rosie and admired her pictures in the sand.She gave Rosie a magic paintbrush.

Excitedly, Rosie picked up the paintbrush and began painting.She painted a duck swimming on a pond.Suddenly, the duck flew off the paper!

Rosie was a very kind girl and she painted pictures for everyone in her village. She painted a cow for the farmer, pencils for the teacher and toys for all the children.

The King heard of Rosie's magic paintbrush.He was a greedy man and demanded that Rosie paint him a tree that grew money.Bravely, Rosie said no but the king locked her in a dungeon.Fortunately, Rosie used her magic paintbrush to paint a key for the door and a horse to help her escape.

Today, Rosie only paints pictures for people who really need her help.

We have also been learning some actions to help us to remember the story from memory. 

Topic: Design and Technology