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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Hello! -

Good morning Welcome Class!

Hello! I miss seeing you all!

How are you? Go on the Welcome Class Blog on Purple Mash to tell me how you are and say hello to everybody in Welcome Class.

The long date is Wednesday 6th January 2021. It is a new month AND a new year. Do you know how to write the short date for today? If you do, you can tell me on our blog on Purple Mash. There will be a house point for everybody who writes on the blog today.

Phonics for Mrs Owen's group -

If you are in MRS OWEN'S group for Phonics, today you will be learning about the 'j' sound. Watch the video below to learn about this sound. Make sure you have got a pen or pencil and some paper (or a whiteboard) so that you can join in and practise with the teacher in the video. 

​Phonics for Miss Powell's group

If you are in my group (MISS POWELL'S group) for phonics you are going to be learning about the 'ie' sound today. Make sure you join in with Mrs Suthers in the video below. Before you watch the video, remember to get a pen or pencil and paper or something  else to write on so that you can practise your writing like we do in class.

9:30 am Rapid Readers -

When you have finished your phonics, I want you to practise your reading. Log on to RAPID READERS and read one of the books you have got on there. Remember to click on any words you don't know and it will be read for you and to click on the little icons that show you have an activity to do. There is a HOUSE POINT for EVERY DAY you read a book on Rapid Readers.

Try reading the book again - was it easier the second time? Did you remember more of the words?

Time to get moving! -

You have been sitting still for a while so now it is time to get moving! Join in with the 'Move and freeze' video below. I had great fun practising this yesterday! 

10 o' clock English time for ALL Welcome children -

Now that you have had a little dance, it is time to focus again!

 Today, in English, you are going to be learning to listen carefully.First, I want you to watch the video about Andy and the Hippos and then you will need to do the quiz on Purple Mash (It is called Andy and The Hippos Quiz!). You can watch the video twice before doing the quiz or even try to make some notes while you are watching to help you remember. 

You can watch the video here :

I will check Purple Mash and reset the quiz when you have had a go so that you can try to beat your score the second time. Remember to listen carefully!

​10:50 Break time! -

​Well done! You are working really hard! Now, it is time for a break. Go and get yourself a drink of water and perhaps a healthy snack - ask your adult first!

In your break, see how many things you can touch in your house that are yellow. In the picture on the right are some of the yellow things I could touch in my house. Maybe you could take a photo of the yellow things you find and ask your adult to send it to me  on Class Dojo.

11:10 Maths Time -

Now it is time for you to learn some maths. 

We are all going to be learning about addition and subtraction. Mrs Owen's group will do different work to Miss Powell's group so look carefully below for your video and questions to do.

You do not need to print the sheet, write the answers to the questions on a piece of paper (make sure you show the number of the question clearly and then your answer) and ask your parent to send a photo of your work to me on Class Dojo.

Mrs Owen's Maths Group -

First I am going to give the work for MRS OWEN's maths group. Watch the video below. The questions for you to work on are below the video.

Miss Powell's Maths group -

​Miss Powell's group for maths. Your video to watch is here and the questions for you to try are below that.  You are going to be learning to add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. You will need to use your place value to help you. Remember to think about where the digit is in the number. 2 is very different to 200! Remember to pause the video like we have practised in class for you to think or answer questions. There are lots of questions on the sheet. Don't worry if you don't do them all. I would like you to try to finish question 5.

12 o'clock. Lunchtime! Yum!

Hooray! Now it is time for you to take a longer break and have some lunch. I wonder what you are going to have for lunch? You can always tell me what you have for lunch on the Welcome Class blog on Purple Mash if you would like.

This afternoon, you need to do work that your class teacher has got for you. It might be science, art, geography, history or something else. Make sure you check your class page on the website or messages on Class Dojo from your class teacher.

Thursday 7th January 2021
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