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Wednesday 25th November

 Good morning!

If you are learning from home, I hope you are well and enjoying the work you are doing!

What is the long date? The short date? What is the weather like today?

In phonics today, you will be learning the 'th' sound today. Watch the videos below to learn more about the 'th' sound. 

Now, log on to Purple Mash to complete the 'th' quiz. 

In ENGLISH today we are still learning about singular and plural nouns. Can you remember what you learnt yesterday? What does singular mean? What does plural mean? 

Click on the link below to keep learning about singular and plural nouns. There is a video to watch, a quiz to complete and some activities for you to do on paper. Remember to ask an adult to send a photo of any work you do on paper to Miss Powell on Class Dojo. 

For maths work, make sure you are checking My Maths for anything that needs completing. 

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