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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good morning! -
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Good morning!

The short date today is 13.1.21  What is the long date? Go on to the Welcome class blog on Purple Mash to tell me the long date. Remember the long date has the name of the day, the number of the day and the name of the month. In English the names of the days and months start with a capital letter.

If you don't know how to find the blog, click on the 'How-to-use-Purple-Mash'  and follow the instructions.

Phonics -

Time for phonics!

Today Mrs Owen's group will be learning the 'z' sound and Miss Powell's group will be learning the 'e_e' sound.

Mrs Owen's group need to watch the first video and Miss Powell's group need to watch the second video. Remember to join in with the writing , take a photo of your work and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo. Some children are getting lots of house points because they are sending me photos of their work. Well done!

I am looking for:

1)using your phonics to write the correct sounds

2) neat, joined handwriting

3) letters that are the correct height. Tall letters must be tall, short letters must be short and if the letter has a descender it needs to go under the line.

Mrs Owen's phonics group -
Miss Powell's phonics group -
Rapid Readers -
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​Rapid Readers time. Log  on to Rapid Readers and read ONE book. Remember to do all the activities in the book.

If you can't remember how to use Rapid Readers or find the activities, click on 'How-to-read-a-book-on-Rapid Readers' to the right for instructions.

When you have read a book on Rapid Readers, draw a picture AND COLOUR IT NEATLY to show what the book was about. Under your picture, write some sentences about the book. Tell me the title and what the book was about or tell me your favourite part of the book.

Take a photo of this work and put in your portfolio in "Rapid Readers Wednesday 13th January".

English lesson -

​Now it is your English lesson.

This week we have been using the story of The Little Red Hen to help us learn.  Yesterday you learnt new vocabulary and thought about the meaning of different words.

Today you will still be learning the new words but you will be using them to solve a crossword. 

Go on to Class Dojo (on the class story) to watch a video that shows how I solve a crossword. Then have a go at the crossword I have put on for you to do. All the answers are on the list of words from yesterday. If you want to see the words again look on yesterday's page in the English lesson or go to:

On the crossword you have to do, you can type your answers but make sure the letters go in the correct place.

Have fun doing your crossword!

Maths -
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Maths time! 

Some of you have got some work on My Maths that you haven't done. Today I would like you to complete the tasks you have got on My Maths.

If you don't know how to find your work on My Maths, click on 'How-to-find-My-Maths-work' to the right.

If you have done all your work on My Maths, you can find today's lesson in your portfolio on Class Dojo called "Maths Wednesday 13th January".

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