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Tuesday 24th November

Today's sound in PHONICS is the 'ch' sound. Watch the two videos below to learn about the ch sound. Remember to join in with the videos - don't just watch quietly!

Did you enjoy those videos? Have a go at the 'ch' quiz I have put on Purple Mash for you. 

​In ENGLISH today we are going to be learning about singular and plural words. Have a look  below (and listen to me reading the pdf) to learn more about plurals.

Have a look at the sheet below. On a piece of paper draw your own table with singular on one side and plural on the other side (look at the sheet to help you). Now write the words on the sheet in the correct place - if it is singular write it on the singular side and if it is plural write it on the plural side. Can you add your own words to your table?

Remember to ask your adult at home to take a photo of any work you do at home and send it to Miss Powell on Class Dojo. 

Wednesday 25th November
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