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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good morning! -

Good morning Welcome Class!

Today, the short date is 12.01.21 or 12.1.2021. What is the long date? Write it on the Welcome Class blog page on Purple Mash for a house point.

It is lovely to see Gabriel, Ariola and Anuar all writing on the blog EVERY day. Well done.

What did you have for breakfast today? I had jam on toast. Tell me what you had, on the blog.

Phonics -

For phonics today Mrs Owen's group are learning the 'y' sound  and Miss Powell's group are learning the 'ue' sound. Remember to have a piece of paper and pen or pencil ready and join in with the video.  Take a photo of your phonics work and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo so that I can see. Make sure your handwriting is neat and your letters are the correct size. Well done Gabriel, for beautiful joined handwriting in your phonics yesterday.

Mrs Owen's group need to watch the first video and Miss Powell's group need to watch the second video.

Mrs Owen's group for phonics -
Miss Powell's group for phonics -
Rapid Readers -

 After phonics it is time to read. Log on to Rapid Readers and read ONE book.  Remember to click on the little faces on the page to do all the activities. If you cannot read a word you can click on it to hear how to say it.

When you have finished reading your book I want you to tell me about it in your portfolio on Class Dojo. I want you to record yourself talking about the book. Ask an adult to help you if you don't know how to do it.

I want to know the title of your book and what the book was about. Did you learn something new when you read the book?

You can start your sentences:

The title of the book is ...

The book was about ...

I learnt ...

English -
Me reading the words on the list! -

For English today you are going to be learning new vocabulary. The words you are going to be learning are from the Little Red Hen story I read to you yesterday on Class Dojo. If you haven't watched the video yet, find it on the class story on Class Dojo.

Look at the words below. I am going to read them for you - click on the arrow on the left to hear me read the words. 

Look at the pictures. Do you know what the words mean? Do you know the words in   your own language?

English - Draw a table

Now draw a table like the one on the right.

Choose 10 words from my list to write in the first column. Draw a picture in the next column  to show what the word means. In the 3rd column, write the word in your own language. You might have to ask an adult to help you if you are not sure what the word is in your own language.

When you have finished, take a photo and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo.

Maths -

For maths today, your work is in your portfolio on Class Dojo.  All of you will be learning about addition and subtraction.You will have a video to watch and then some questions to do. Some of you will need to do the work on paper and take a photo and some of you have got a worksheet to write on. Read the instructions carefully that I have put on Class Dojo. 

If you don't know what to do, send me a message on Class Dojo or on Purple Mash blog. 

Wednesday 13th January 2021
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