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Thursday 7th January 2021

9:00 - Good morning Welcome class!

​Hello Welcome Class! Good morning!

I want to say a big WELL DONE to Tayba for writing on the Welcome Class blog on Purple Mash yesterday and  to Gabriel for completing so much work  and sending me pictures of his maths on Class Dojo. Super well done to both of you! I am so proud of you! I wonder if more of you can do as well as Tayba and Gabriel.

Today is Thursday 7th January. What is the short date? If you write the short date correctly on our blog page (on Purple Mash) you will get a house point.

Look out of your window, what is the weather today?

Your first task today is to go the Welcome Class blog on Purple Mash and read what I have written. Then write something for me to read. 

9:10 am - Phonics

The first lesson today is Phonics. 

Before you start, make sure you have got a pen and some paper so that you can join in with the videos  and practise your writing with the teachers. Ask your adult to take a photo of your phonics work and send it to me on Class Dojo. I love seeing your work and I can give you house points when I see how hard you have worked.

Make sure you click on the right video below. The first video is for Mrs Owen's group and the second video is for my group (Miss Powell's group).

Phonics - Mrs Owen's group

Mrs Owen's group is going to learn about the  'V' sound today. 

Make sure you listen carefully to the video and join in with saying the sounds and reading and writing the words.

Phonics - Miss Powell's group

Miss Powell's group for phonics are learning about the 'kn' sound today. To learn best, you must join in with saying the sounds, reading the words and writing the words using your sounds.  Join in as well as you do in school. Get an adult to take a picture of your phonics writing and send it to me on Class Dojo.  Try to use your neatest handwriting and make sure you write your letters correctly.

9:30 - Rapid Readers Time for ALL Welcome children

Every day, when you finish your phonics lesson, you need to log on to Rapid Readers and read a book. 

To choose a book you need to click on 'My stuff'.

You must read the whole book AND complete the activities to get some coins as a reward. When you have done all the activities, the book will then move into 'My Library'.

Remember: If you don't know what a word says, click on it and the computer will say it for you. To find an activity, click on the small circles with a boy or girl's face in.

Try reading the book again. Is it easier to read? 

Get moving! - Vocaroo-07-Jan-2021-07_50_06-GMT0000-1iASZWUI2xOg.mp3

Now it is time to get moving and singing!

Join in with the HAPPY DANCE video below. Sing loudly and do the actions too! Can you get a member of your family to join in too?

Did you feel happy at the end of the song? 

10:00 - English for ALL Welcome children

Now it is time for English. Today you are still going to be practising listening carefully. Listening carefully and trying to understand what you hear will improve your English. 

Today, you need to watch the video Andy and the Giraffe. When you have finished, find the Andy and the Giraffe quiz on Purple Mash. Listen carefully to the questions and make sure you do what the question is asking. If it asks you to choose three answers, you must choose three answers!

The video you need to watch is

10:50 - Breaktime!

Have a break ! You have been working hard this morning.

In your break, have a drink of water and move around.  Perhaps you could do some star jumps or jog on the spot for one minute. 

11:10am - Maths

​Now for your last lesson of the morning: Maths.  Yesterday you were learning about addition and subtraction and watched a video. Today you are going to still be learning about addition and subtraction.

Log on to My Maths. 

Mrs Owen's group have got the task 'Number bonds to 20'.

Miss Powell's group have got the task called 'Mixed sums 10s and 100s'.

Remember to try the lesson first and then the homework.

12:00  - Lunchtime!

Well done! You have finished all your work from Welcome Class for the day. After you have had a break and some lunch, look on your class webpage or on Class Dojo to see what your class teacher wants you to learn this afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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