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Thursday 19th November

Mrs Owen's phonics group, if you are learning from home watch the video below. Can you join in with the lady to blend the sounds together to read the words?

​When you have watched the video, go on to PurpleMash to try the quiz I have put on there. It is called CVC quiz. If you have any problems logging on to Purple Mash, message Miss Powell on Class Dojo for help.

In English we are listening to the story 'Oi Frog'. 

Listen to the story, can you spot the rhyming words? Rhyming words are words that sound the same at the END. 

The animals can only sit on something that rhymes with its name.

Can a cat sit on a log?

On a piece of paper draw some animals that are in the story 'Oi Frog'. Make sure you draw  what they are sitting on in the story too. Label the picture - this means to write the words to show what is in the picture. Ask your adult at home to take a photo of your work and send it to me on Class Dojo.

 In maths, Mrs Owen's group have been practising counting forwards and backwards. Look on My Maths to find today's work, where you will need to count on and back! Remember to do the lesson first before the homework.

Friday 20th November
Monday 16th November