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Thursday 14th January 2021

Good morning! -

Good morning Welcome Class.

It is Thursday today.

Do you know the long date and the short date? Go over to Welcome class blog on Purple Mash to tell me.

It is raining AGAIN today. I don't really like the rain.

What is your favourite weather?

Phonics -

In phonics today, Mrs Owen's group will be learning the 'qu' sound.  Watch the video below and join in with the sounds and with reading the words. Remember to do the writing in your neatest handwriting, take a photo of it and add it to your portfolio on Class Dojo for me to see.

Miss Powell's group for phonics have NOT got a video to watch today. I have given you a 2Do on Purple Mash about the 'ou' (shout it out) and 'ay' (may I play?) sounds. You have to choose the correct sound to make a real English word.

Rapid Readers -

Now it is time for reading. Log on to Rapid Readers and read ONE book.

Thank you to Anuar for putting his piece of work about the book he read in his portfolio yesterday. It was so good to read his sentences and I thought his picture was great. 

Today, I want you to do the same thing: Read ONE book on Rapid Readers, draw a picture to show what the book was about and then write two or three sentences telling me what happened in the book.

I want to know the title of the book and then give me more information. You could tell me what your favourite part of the book was.

English -

For English today, you will need to watch the video I have put on the class story on Class Dojo. In the video I will explain to you what to do. You will be learning to listen carefully again - this is so important  so that when you hear people talking in English you will be able to understand them better.  

You will need a pencil and paper to join in with this lesson.

When you have finished the lesson, take a photo of your work and put it in your portfolio in 'English for Thursday 14th January'.

Maths -

Now it is time for maths.

For Mrs Owen's Group, please watch this lesson. You will be learning to use your number bonds within 20 for subtraction, or to take away.

You will find the lesson here:

The sheet you need is below. You don't have to write on the sheet. Write on a piece of paper and take a photo of your work. Add the photo to your portfolio on Class Dojo - called Maths for Thursday 14th January.

For Miss Powell's maths group look in your portfolio for your maths lesson today.


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