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Monday 23rd November

 Good morning Welcome Class! I hope you are all feeling great and ready for another week!

What is the long date today? What is the short date? 

There are 30 days in November altogether, so how many days are left?

I hope you have been enjoying the phonics quizzes on Purple Mash if you are in Mrs Owen's group and have been working from home. 

Today, you will be learning the 'sh' sound. Watch the 2 videos below to learn about words with the 'sh' sound.

​Now, log on to Purple Mash and have a go at the 'sh' quiz.

Last week, in English, we listened to 'Oi Frog!' by the author Kes Gray. There were lots of rhyming words. He has written other books that are similar to 'Oi Frog!'

Watch the video below of Kes Gray reading his book 'Oi Dog!'

Did you like this book? What was your favourite part? Can you think what was the same about 'Oi Frog!' and 'Oi Dog!'  What was different? 

Now we are going to think about rhyming words. Have look at the list of words I have got below.  Click on the white play arrow to listen to me reading the words as you look at the list. 

Did you find any words that rhymed with each other? I can hear that park and shark rhyme. Can you find anymore words that rhyme with park and shark?

In 'Oi Frog!' and 'Oi Dog!' the animals could only sit on something that it rhymed with. Do you think  a cat can sit on a plait? Yes a cat can sit on a plait because they rhyme! Can a dog sit on a bow? No because they do not rhyme.

Use the following sheet to help you ask and answer questions. Choose words from the list above to use in your questions. Practise saying the questions and answers first. When you have done lots of practise, you can write some questions and answers on a piece of paper and ask your parent to send me a photo of your work on Class Dojo. Remember to write the question mark at the end of your questions.

Tuesday 24th November
Friday 20th November