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Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning -

Good morning Welcome Class!

It is the start of another week.

The long date today is Monday 18th January. What is the short date? 

Go to the Welcome blog page on Purple Mash and say hello to me and the other people in Welcome. You can tell me the short date too!

On the blog on Friday, I said that reading the Little Red Hen story made me want to eat delicious warm bread and I might make some. Do you think I did make some? I will tell you on the blog!

Phonics Mrs Owen's group -

Today in phonics, Mrs Owen's group are going to learn the 'sh' sound.  

Get a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. 

Then watch the video below, making sure you join in with the reading and writing.

Remember I want to see beautifully neat and joined handwriting.

When you have finished, take a photo of your work and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo (in Phonics for Monday 18th January).

Phonics Miss Powell's group -

 Miss Powell's phonics group are going to revisit some sounds they have already learnt so that you don't forget them while we are not altogether in Welcome Class.

Get a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Then, watch the video below. Make sure you join in with the sounds, reading and spelling the words. Write all the words on your paper. When you have finished, take a picture of your writing and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo (Phonics for Monday 18th January).

Rapid Readers -

Rapid Readers time! Log on to Rapid Readers and read ONE book. Remember to do ALL the activities in the book (click on the little circles with a face inside to get the activities). 

When you read, make sure you understand and think about what you are reading. 

After you have read the book, get a piece of paper, a pencil and some colouring pencils.  Draw a picture that shows what the book was about and colour it neatly. Under the picture write 2 or 3 sentences telling me about the book. I want to know the title of the book and what the book was about. What was your favourite part? Did you learn anything when you read the book? 

When you have finished, take a photo of your work and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo (Rapid Readers for Monday 18th January). I really enjoy seeing the work children have been putting in their portfolio for me to see.

English -

It is time for English now. Last week you learnt the story of The Little Red Hen. I said it was a traditional story, which means it has been told for a long time and lots of people know the story. Because traditional stories have been around for a long time, there are different versions of the story. People change some parts of the story - they may leave things out or they might add different details.

Today, in the class story on Class Dojo I am  going to read you the story of The Little Red Hen from a different book. Listen carefully to the video. Can you find anything that is the same as the story I read last week? Can you find something different?

When you have watched the video in the class story on Class Dojo, go to Purple Mash to try the Little Red Hen 2 quiz. It asks you questions about today's story of the Little Red Hen.

Remember to LISTEN carefully!

Maths Mrs Owen's Maths -

In maths this week you will still be learning to add and subtract.

Mrs Owen's maths group, you will be learning to use number bonds within 20 for subtraction.  You will need to write some number sentences down when you get to the 'Independent Task'. Watch the video below:

When you have finished take a photo of your work and put it in your portfolio on Class Dojo in Maths for Monday 18th January.

Maths Miss Powell's group -

Miss Powell's maths group today will be learning to add 3 digit and 1 digit numbers crossing 10. Watch the video below. You can also find the link to the video in your  portfolio (Maths for Monday 18th January).

The worksheet is in your portfolio too. I want you to answer questions 1,2,3,4 and 6. If you want an extra challenge have a go at questions 5,7 and 8 as well. Read the questions carefully and THINK carefully!

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