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Monday 11th January 2021

9:00 - Good morning! Time for blogging.

Good morning!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

I made a cake on Saturday - it was very delicious! I had lots of apples that hadn't been eaten - so I used them to make an apple cake.

Go to the Welcome Class blog  on Purple Mash and tell me what you did on the weekend.

The long date for today is Monday 11th January.

What is the short date? Remember to go on to Welcome Class blog and tell me what the short date is. Remember that the short date only uses numbers - no words.

Look out of your window. What is the weather like today?

9:10 - Time for phonics

 Your first lesson today is phonics. Mrs Owen's group will be learning the 'x' sound and my group will be learning the 'ck' sound. Remember to choose the correct video from below: Mrs Owen's group need to watch the first video and Miss Powell's group need to watch the second video. Make sure you have something to write with and some paper so that you can practise your writing with the video.  

Remember to send me a photo of your work on Class Dojo. Well done to Anuar and Gabriel for sending me their work last week - super! Add the photos of your work to your portfolio on Class Dojo.

9:30 - Rapid Readers time

Now it is time to log on to Rapid Readers. A big well done to Tayba, Ariola, Gabriel and Anuar who all logged on to Rapid Readers last week and read their books. 

This weeks let's see if more of Welcome Class can read on  Rapid Readers.

Today, it would be fantastic if you could record yourself reading and send it to me on your portfolio on Class Dojo. I would really love to hear your reading.

Time to get moving! -

If you have completed your phonics and your reading, it is time to get moving! Join in with the singing and the actions in the video below. Be enthusiastic with your actions! Can you get somebody else in your family to join in too?

10:00 - English - Little Red Hen

Now it is time for English. In English we are going to start a unit of work about the story The Little Red Hen. Do you know the story of The Little Red Hen already? Do you know the story in your own language? The Little Red Hen is a traditional story.

A traditional tale is a story that has been told and re-told for many years so it becomes a story that almost everyone knows. 

There are lots and lots of traditional tales: stories such as Cinderella, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk are all traditional stories. 

Go to Welcome Class 'Class Story' on Class Dojo to watch Miss Powell reading the story for you.

Then go to Purple Mash to complete the Little Red Hen quiz.

10:50 - Breaktime

 It is break time now. Have a drink of water and move about! 

Come back in about 15-20 minutes to find out what you will be learning in Maths.

11:10 - Maths time

Mrs Owen's group will be learning about 'number facts and doubles' on My Maths - still using your addition and subtraction skills. Make sure you try  the lesson first before doing the homework.

Miss Powell's group need to watch the video below 'Add and subtract 3-digit and 1-digit numbers - not crossing 10'. I have given you the worksheet in your portfolio on Class Dojo. YOU need to log on to Class Dojo so that you can see the work in your portfolio. 

Miss Powell's maths group -
12:00 - Lunchtime!

Well done for your hard work.  Now it is lunchtime.

Remember to do the work for your class teacher this afternoon. Check your class webpage or Class Dojo to see what your teacher wants you to do.

Have a lovely lunch! 

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