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Friday 8th January 2021

9:00 - Good morning!

 Good morning! 

The long date is Friday 8th January 2021.

Do you know what the short date is? Go to  the Welcome Class blog on Purple Mash and tell me what the short date is. You can have a house point if you do!

It is very cold today!

Star of the day! -

My star of the day for yesterday is Ariola. She did so much work and wrote lots on the Welcome Class blog . Well done Ariola!

9:10 - Phonics

In phonics today, Mrs Owen's group are going to be learning about the 'w' sound and Miss Powell's group will learn about the 'ph' sound. Make sure you have your paper and pen or pencil so that you can join in with the writing part of the lesson. Take a picture of your work and send it to me on Class Dojo. A big well done to Anuar who showed me his fantastic work yesterday. He is getting lots of house points for all the work he is doing.

Choose the correct video below for your phonics lesson: Mrs Owen's group is first and Miss Powell's group need to watch the second video.

9:30 - Rapid Readers

Finished your phonics lesson?

Now it is time to log on to Rapid Readers and read ONE book. Make sure you read all the book and complete the activities. Well done to Gabriel for asking - on Class Dojo - how to find the activities when he wasn't sure. Asking for help is fantastic ... it makes you a better learner. 

Read a book and then read the same book again. Tell somebody in your family about what you have read.

Time to get moving! -

 Time to get moving for a few minutes. Here is a really fun song. Can you join in with the singing and the actions?

10:00 - English time

 English time now! This week you have been learning to listen carefully to help you understand what you have heard.  We are still practising your listening skills. Today I want you to watch a different video - not Andy and not a video about animals. Today you are going to watch Maddie's Do You Know? about bird's nests and helmets. Listen carefully and then try the quiz on Purple Mash. 

10:50 - Breaktime

It is time for a break now. Have a drink of water and move around . In your break, can you make a tower out of shoes? You can only use shoes .. how tall can you make your tower? Ask somebody in your family if they can help you. Take a photo and send it to me on Class Dojo. I would love to see your shoe tower!

11:10 - Maths time

Did you enjoy making your shoe tower? Now it is time for maths.  We are still learning about addition and subtraction and today's lesson is on My Maths.

Mrs Owen's group's lesson is 'Counting on over 10 and 20'

Miss Powell's group's lesson is ' Introducing written methods'

Remember to try the lesson first before doing the homework. Look carefully at the questions and THINK before writing your answer.

12:00 - Lunch

​Well done! You have finished your Welcome Class learning for today. 

Now it is time for lunch. 


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