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Friday 20th November

Good morning!  

Do you know the long date for today?

What is the short date?

How many days are there altogether in November?

How many days are left of November?

What is the weather like today? When I walked to school this morning, it was frosty. Look at the photos I took of the frost on the autumn leaves.

If you are learning from home today, watch the video below. Try to join in with the man to sound out and read the words.

When you have watched the video, have a look on Purple Mash because I have made another quiz for you. Use your sounds to answer the questions in the quiz called "CVC Quiz 2". 

In English today we are going to listen to 'Oi frog!' again. Did you watch the video yesterday? Did you like the story?

Can you remember any of the animals in the story? Tell somebody in your house all the animals you can remember from the story.

Can you remember what they could sit on?

Watch the video again. Try to spot any animals that you didn't remember! 

I really love the voices the man uses when he reads the book! 

Today we are going to be thinking more about rhyming words. Rhyming words are the words that sound the same at the END. Can you think of a word that rhymes with cat? Can you think of more words that rhyme with cat?

I would like you to copy the animals below and draw them at the top of a piece of paper.

Now, read the words below and think  of which animal each word rhymes with. Write a list of rhyming words under each animal. Have fun! Please ask an adult at home to take a photo of your work and send it to me on ClassDojo.

To start maths today, count up to 100 with Jack Hartmann on the video below. Make sure you join in with the actions and the counting!

For the main part of your maths today, look on My Maths for the work I have given you. It is called 'counting on and back'. Make sure you try the lesson first before the homework. If you have problems logging on, ask for help on the Class Dojo.

Have a great day of learning at home! 

Monday 23rd November
Thursday 19th November