Hello and welcome to Year 5!
Don't forget to check the webpage regularly for important news and updates!

This term, Ruby will have PE on Tuesdays and Fridasy, Garnet on Wednesdays and Fridays and Carmine on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please make sure your child brings in their PE kit and keeps it in school. Our lessons could be inside or out so they must have plimsolls and trainers. 


We are determined to do our best to help the children succeed this year. As a result, the children have set themselves targets that they are working hard to achieve with our support. These include:


Reading at home at least twice a week

Getting tested for a number card sticker at least once a week

All PE kits in

Doing a good deed
Getting no detentions

Achieving 7/7 on our spellings every week



 We are hopeful that you will support your child in achieving these targets by reading often with them, encouraging them to practise their numbercard and ensuring they have the kits they need.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us through the school office. We look forward to getting to know you all over the year!



World Cup story!

Here in Year 5, World Cup fever is taking over! Each class has a sweepstake and we are keeping a close eye on the matches. We have also discovered an ...
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Investigating volume and capacity

In maths at the moment we are studying Measure.  Today we investigated volume and capacity. Can you remember what each one was? How do you m...
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Writing challenge club

 This week, Year 5 has a special writing challenge club at lunchtime. Because we are such fantastic writers, we were tasked to write letters to l...
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Ruby Class coffee morning

​It was so lovely to have so many parents in to have coffee, tea and biscuits with us on Monday. We had a great time playing the family room toys too!


A huge well done to Year 5 who had over 98% attendance last week! We are all super proud and we know that being in school helps us to learn ...
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Metrobank visit

 Excitingly, we have been having visits from Metrobank staff to teach us about banking and managing money. We have learnt about interest, PIN num...
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Knebworth House!

On Thursday 3rd May, Year 5 had a fantastic day at Knebworth House! We had a wonderful tour of the house with very knowledgea...
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Maths challenge club

 Well done to all the year 5 children who have been giving up their Friday lunchtimes all year to do some extra challenging maths in maths challe...
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Dissecting plants in science

Our science topic this term is  'Living things and their habitats'. We have started it off by dissecting plants and thinking about the names...
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Welcome to the Summer Term!

Dear parents/guardians, Wow! This year is flying by; the children are now in their final term of year 5! We hope you had a brilliant Easter! Here is a...
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Science week fun!

We had so much fun exploring the oceans for British Science Week! We explored a number of questions: why don't sharks sink?&n...
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Hazard Alley

​Despite the snow's best attempts, the whole of Year 5 have now visited Hazard Alley! We learnt loads and loads about possible hazards we may face in ...
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Book reviews

Reading continues to be an important part of our school day and we regularly discuss and share books we have read. Here are some pictures of some book...
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Maths - perimeter

In maths, we have been learning to measure and calculate perimeter! Challenge us to remind you what perimeter is :) 

Year 5 letter - Spring term

Dear parents/guardians, Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break! Here is a summary of what children will be learning ab...
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Some photos of what we've been up to

​We had a great time last term celebrating Christmas. Here are some photos of us taking part in the festivities. Christmas dinner  Year 5 Christm...
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Making planets

As part of our science work we have been researching planets. We have used books and the internet to find out information about them; w...
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Explorer Dome visit!

​Year 5 zoomed through the planets and gazed at the stars when the amazing Explorer Dome came to Surrey Street! We were so excited and the instructors...
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Active learn- Rapid Readers!

Active learn- Rapid Readers!
​Excitingly, Surrey Street have signed up to a new online reading scheme. This means we can read some books online and earn coins for doing so. We can...
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Book review update!

 We have enjoyed book reviews from Sarah and Jameela over the last couple of weeks. Jameela's book was recommended because it was really funny wh...
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