Don't forget. If you are worried about anything, you can always put a note in your classroom 'worry box' or come and see us during morning break time. We'll do our best to help you.

Our Wellbeing Team (WBT) have a variety of roles.


  • support children with emotional needs
  • support children who sometimes struggle with their behaviour
  • carry out sessions on anger management, self esteem, emotional literacy, nurture, social stories, social skills, play therapy, friendship skills
  • are part of the Place2Be mental health champion training and have created an action plan to meet the needs of our pupils.


We work with identified children/small groups and carefully plan the activities, strategies and techniques used within each session. Our main aim is to encourage and support children who are experiencing difficulties, working with them so that they can achieve their goals. Our team sometimes work within the classroom supporting individuals or groups and we also have four specialist rooms where we can carry out 1-1 or small group sessions.

We offer all kinds of help along the way and our door is always open (for both parents and children).

Remembering the simple things.

Just a simple message to all the Surrey Street family.  Always appreciate the amazing world that is all around us. 

Keep up the good work

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well at home.  The Wellbeing team just wanted to let you know that you are all amazing and we are missing you. ...
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Have you filled a bucket today?

Have you filled a bucket today?
Hi everyone. The Wellbeing team hope that you are keeping safe and well at home.  Hopefully you can all remember when we were at school we had an...
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Mini mindful walk... Take off your shoes and walk around.  Think about your body as you move and how it feels to you. You can be on grass, carpet...
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Wellbeing Team - CREATIVITY

Pasta Art ‚ÄčTake it in turns to place a pasta shape on a flat surface. Slowly, you'll make a collage or picture.  What other things could you use ...
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WBT - Relaxation...

‚ÄčThis week is all about relaxation... Rocket Power! Take a deep breath in...raise your hands to make the point of a rocket. Slowly breathe out and let...
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Well - being Warriors - CONCENTRATION

This weeks theme for Well-being Warriors is... CONCENTRATION Here are the top tips for concentration: Heart beats Shut your eyes and tune into your he...
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Children's Mental Health-How can you help your children?

It's hard to avoid the topic of children's mental health as it is such a high priority in the news- and rightly so.  Here at Surrey Street we wan...
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