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Have you filled a bucket today?

Hi everyone.

The Wellbeing team hope that you are keeping safe and well at home.  Hopefully you can all remember when we were at school we had an assembly about our imaginary bucket which we all carry around.  We thought it would be good to remind you all, especially now, that we can all make a difference by filling our own buckets and making sure we help to fill the buckets of all the family that we are spending a lot of time with at the moment.‚Äč

Remember that just like our 5 fruit and vegetables a day, there are 5 things that can help us to fill everyone's bucket.

Connect - talk and listen to each other and be kind to everyone in your family.

Be Active - make sure you go outside for one hour and do some exercise (walking, running, skipping, riding a bike, football)   Do what you can.

Keep learning - embrace new opportunities.  Go online every day - your teachers are creating some great activities for you.  Just try your best.

Give - enjoy time with your families,  look after each other.  Play games with your family.

Take Notice - remember the simple things - birds singing, trees in blossom, the sun, moon and stars.  Take time to look and listen.

We are all missing you at school and it will be really great when we can see everyone again but for now, we must stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives and make sure that we are keeping everyone's bucket full.

Keep up the good work