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Mini mindful walk... Take off your shoes and walk around.  Think about your body as you move and how it feels to you. You can be on grass, carpet...
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Wellbeing Team - CREATIVITY

Pasta Art ‚ÄčTake it in turns to place a pasta shape on a flat surface. Slowly, you'll make a collage or picture.  What other things could you use ...
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WBT - Relaxation...

‚ÄčThis week is all about relaxation... Rocket Power! Take a deep breath in...raise your hands to make the point of a rocket. Slowly breathe out and let...
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Well - being Warriors - CONCENTRATION

This weeks theme for Well-being Warriors is... CONCENTRATION Here are the top tips for concentration: Heart beats Shut your eyes and tune into your he...
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Well-Being Warriors - Mindfulness

  Well-being Warriors-Mindfulness What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the act of being present in the moment, paying attention to your thoughts a...
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Online Safety for children

Below is some information for you to look at regarding safety online for children.   It's a real worry for parents and a lot to get our head...
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Children's Mental Health-How can you help your children?

It's hard to avoid the topic of children's mental health as it is such a high priority in the news- and rightly so.  Here at Surrey Street we wan...
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