Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team would like to welcome all our children to the new school year. We hope that you learn lots of new things and more importantly, enjoy being at school.  

Don't forget.  If you are worried about anything, you can always put a note in your classroom 'worry box' or come and see us during morning break time.  We'll do our best to help you.


Mrs Ross

Mrs Ross

Miss Gilbert

Miss Gilbert

Mr Craig

Mr Craig

Mrs Franks

Mrs Franks

Mr O'Brien

Mr O'Brien

Our Wellbeing Team(WBT) have a variety of roles.


  • support children with emotional needs
  • support children who sometimes struggle with their behaviour
  • carry out sessions on anger management, self esteem, emotional literacy, nurture, social stories, social skills, play therapy, friendship skills
  • are part of the Place2Be mental health champion training and have created an action plan to meet the needs of our pupils.

We work with identified children/small groups and carefully plan the activities, strategies and techniques used within each session. Our main aim is to encourage and support children who are experiencing difficulties, working with them so that they can achieve their goals. Our team sometimes work within the classroom supporting individuals or groups and we also have four specialist rooms where we can carry out 1-1 or small group sessions.

We offer all kinds of help along the way and our door is always open (for both parents and children).

Developing Empathy

As in most other areas of social emotional development, empathy and caring need to be nurtured through direct involvement in meaningful activities. Involving children in the care of plants and animals is an excellent example of how we do this.


 Please click the picture above to get more information

Tending to the needs of other living things requires children to give thought and attention to something outside of themselves. As children interact with plants and animals, they learn that other living things have basic needs which must be met for them to survive. These experiences help children make the connection between caring behaviours and good outcomes, such as growth or affection. Here at Surrey Street, children are involved in looking after our school guinea pigs, Rocco and Jimmy.  Through daily grooming, cleaning and feeding routines children begin to develop an deeper understanding of the needs of others as well as building a relationship with the animals.  In a similar way, we incorporate the school garden, promoting responsibility and nurture in order to promote the growth of plants and vegetables that can be used later on for cooking. 

Skipping Day (27.9.16)

On Monday 27th September year 3 and 4 took part in a skipping day. Each class were allocated a 45 minute session with Pete from Skip Beatz. They learnt different skipping techniques to very funky music! Watch this space for year 5 and 6’s skipping day which is coming up in November!


WBT trip to Pets at Home

Skip Beatz Performance

Take a look at the video below of the Skip Beatz performance. We were the first school to see this production! The children and adults thought it was amazing!

Outside Play

Dining Room Golden Table

Golden Table Stars!
Golden Table Stars!

Children can come for dinner first, sit on the Golden Table, enjoy a glass of Juice and usually a small treat then head off to WBT Friday Fun Club.

Delivering the harvest collection


Our Pizza Wraps

This week we made our delicious pizza wraps. We used different ingredients to make a tasty snack!