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Parking in and around the school

At Surrey Street Primary School we do not allow any parking within the school grounds.  Due to the nature of our site we do allow parents who are Blue Disability Badge Holders for either themselves or their child,  to park for a short period at the beginning and end of the day to collect children under certain circumstances.

Please call into the school office if you would like us to consider a request for access onto the school grounds.

All other parents must not drive onto the school grounds.

​Let's work together to create a culture where children's safety is our priority and unsafe parking is seen as unacceptable.  Also please show consideration to those who live near the school.

​Here are some ways that you can help us achieve this.

Please don't:

Block the road-Emergency vehicles and other traffic may need access.

Please don't:

Park on yellow lines, zig-zags or block the school entrance.

Please don't:

Park on the pavement, across dropped kerbs or residents driveways.

Please don't :

Park where you will cause inconvenience to other road users.

Please don't:

Stop in the middle of the road to drop off your child, even for a few seconds.

These changes make a real difference to the congestion around schools, making the school run less stressful and far safer for everyone.

Thank you.


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