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Welcome to Year 6 Vermillion

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Miss Woolley and I am the Vermillion Class teacher this year. The teaching assistant is Mrs Ogunji. I am very excited about teaching this class and I see a great deal of potential in your children, something I am keen to bring out in them.

In one respect, year 6 is a ten and a half month journey. However, it can also be seen as a series of mini-adventures: the adventure of being a house captain, a play leader, a Junior Road Safety Officer; adventures to Kingswood, to Dell Farm, to a number of local places; the adventure of learning new things in preparation for SATs, high school and for entering the adult world; an adventure through literature.

Your children will be shaped by the adventures they have and the new things they discover about themselves as they test their strengths in different areas.

One Monday each half-term will be a 'Marauding Monday' where we will journey to different places in the local area to explore nature and find inspiration for our learning. These are similar to the 'Wellie Wednesdays' in Early Years.

In class this term, we will be reading 'Goodnight, Mr Tom' as our class story and doing some work based on this book too. We will be focusing on number and calculation in numeracy; there will be regular number card testing so please help your children practice at home. It is also vital that you listen to your children read on a regular basis, at least once per week. I believe that good readers make great writers.

PE will be on a Monday and Thursday. Your child needs their PE kit in school every day. You can check the school website for information on the correct PE kit. Unlike in previous years, children missing PE three times in a half-term will receive a detention. This will also happen if a child does not have the correct equipment three times in a half-term, such as their number card or reading record for example.

Year 6 is a great year in a child's school career. It is a year full of opportunities to be an adventurer, to be brave, and most importantly, to have fun. I hope your child takes every opportunity they can and has a great time this year.


Miss Woolley

Kingswood 2017
Welcome to year 6 Magenta