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Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Mr Iszchak and I am the Crimson Class teacher and head of year 6. The year 6 team is made up of experienced and top-quality staff: Mrs Doran and Mrs Havell-Eames lead Magenta; Miss Brooks and Miss Christian lead Vermillion; Mr Smith leads Crimson with me; and we're supported by Miss Powell, Mrs Chandler, Mrs Davis, Mrs Adams, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Khan during the week. I am very excited about teaching this year group and I see a great deal of potential in your children, something I am keen to bring out of them.

Year 6 is all about being a visionary and there are many opportunities to have vision during the year. Next week, your child will be writing house captain speeches and participating in the house captain elections, trying to convince our fellow housemates to vote for them. House captains are figures for younger children in the school to look up to, figures who will look after the younger children and help them where we can. There is also the opportunity to be a play leader, again someone who will look after and care for the younger children in the school.

Visionaries are people who take chances, even when things are scary, because they recognise the benefits in the future and, as we travel to Kingswood at the end of October, there will be a plethora of chances to do scary things. More information will follow later in the month regarding Kingswood and I will hold a meeting for all attending families and staff in October.

In class this term, we will be reading books based on World War Two, such as ​Goodnight Mister Tom. We will be focusing on number and calculation in numeracy; there will be regular number card testing so please help your children practise at home. It is also vital that you listen to your children read at least twice per week. I believe that good readers make good writers. For those children who read at home on average twice per week and bring in their signed reading records, there will be half-termly rewards.

PE will be on a Monday and Thursday for children in Vermillion and Magenta class. For Crimson class, PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Your child needs their PE kit in school every day. You can check the school website for information on the correct PE kit. Unlike in previous years, children missing PE three times in a half-term will receive a detention. This will also happen if a child does not have the correct equipment three times in a half-term, such as their number card or reading record for example. Children will also receive detentions if their learning log is not in on time.

Homework will be given out every Wednesday and expected to be brought back in on Monday morning. Any child who does not bring their homework back and finished in on time will have to do it in detention on Monday lunch time. Learning log club will run on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch times.

New for this year, we will also be running Young Enterprises where your children will create businesses and make products to sell in our school shop and at the fetes. We want to give children a hands-on experience of work. As your child heads into high school and has to choose options, having a better idea about the variety of jobs available to them as they become adults will help them to make more informed choices regarding their GCSE and further education subjects. As a part of Young Enterprises, we are also looking for speakers from a range of professions to visit the school so that the children can interview them in order to find out more about different jobs. If you would like to be interviewed by the children or have a friend or relative who might also be willing to help, please let me know.

Year 6 is a great year in a child's school career. It is a year where children spend a great deal of time thinking about their futures and make important choices about the people they want to become. No future is out of reach, no dream is too big. I hope your child takes every opportunity to dream big this year, to work hard in preparation for high school and, most importantly, to have fun. 


Mr Iszchak

One last Kingswood place up for grabs