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Returning to school

Dear Year 6 parents,

We hope this finds you all well. We are writing to explain our more detailed plans to you on the possible reopening of school to year 6 pupils after June 1st. We want to give you as much information as possible because we know that deciding whether to send your children back to school may be a challenging decision to make.

As you will know, the government have said that they feel after the 1st of June, if they deem it safe, they will open schools for selected year groups: year 6 being one of them.

What are the benefits of my child returning to school?

The government feel that the benefits of year 6 children returning to school are that we can prepare them for high school by revising content they have learnt during their time at primary school. They will also get to socialise with other children again and experience high quality teaching as school is the best place for children to learn.

Once we return to school, we will be able to deliver lessons in person, ask the children questions and asses their understanding meaning the work they do will be more beneficial and challenging. We will revise topics that are important for high school in maths. We will share a class novel where our English work will come from and the children will benefit from the teacher modelling writing. We will be using the outside space we are so lucky to have to deliver lessons on topics like maps and mountains in the afternoons, which the children have not yet covered in year 6.

How will you reduce the risk of my child catching the virus?

  • We have read every piece of guidance from the government and ensured that the way we will manage the school day is in accordance to what the government has set out.
  • Children will be given their own equipment to use; have their own table to sit at in class; and be encouraged to distance from each other at all times. (Some pictures of the classrooms are attached.)
  • They will be in groups of no more than 15 and have the same adult(s) with them.
  • We will have high standards around hand washing, with children being required to wash their hands every time they enter the classroom and if they cough or sneeze.
  • Windows and doors will be open at all times to ensure good ventilation and we will be doing more lessons outside, where we know the risk of transmission is lower.
  • We will have cleaners on site during the day to ensure high contact surfaces are regularly cleaned.
  • One-way systems are also being developed within the school.

This is just a snapshot of the many plans that we are putting in place to try to ensure a safe return for all, whilst also providing as much of a sense of normality as possible for children and staff.

What will happen if I want to my child to continue learning at home?

We are aware that some parents will still want to keep their child at home for a variety of reasons and so we will also be posting on the year 6 page on the Surrey Street website what we are doing each day including all tasks so that your child can complete these at home.

What will the school hours be?

The school will be running for year 6 children from 8:30-2:30 Monday - Thursday and 8:30-12:30 on Fridays to accommodate teacher's PPA time. Children will still have lunch at school on Fridays. We have changed start and end times to minimise the number of parents on site at any one time. As more year groups return to school, if you have children in several year groups, we would allow you to drop your children at the latest drop off time for your children and pick up at the earliest collection time needed to prevent you having to stay on site for any longer than necessary.

When will the school re-open to children in year 6?

If the government confirm that schools can open from 1st June, we will aim to open to year 6 children on Tuesday 2nd June from 8:30-12:00 as an introductory morning; children will not need lunch on this day. (We will be using Monday 1st June as a run-through day for staff to ensure our routines and plans are fully in place and so children must not attend on this day.) We then plan to open full time for year 6 children from Wednesday 3rd June. We will confirm these arrangements in an email or call on Monday 1st June as we will know by then if the government have issued their confirmation on whether schools can open.

Where will the children eat their lunch?

If your child has a school provided lunch, this will be delivered to the classroom and the children will eat there at their own table. If they have a packed lunch, they will also eat in class. Then, teachers will take the group outside to play some games which encourage children to stay at a distance from each other.

What should my child wear?

Because we will be doing lots of lessons outdoors, we will be relaxing the uniform and children will be able to wear jogging bottoms or PE shorts and trainers. They will still need their school polo top and jumper so that we can have a sense of normality. Children will not need a separate PE kit as we will do PE in these clothes. Please ensure that you send your children in in a clean set of clothes each day to reduce risk of viral transmission between home and school.

Where can I find out more information?

The decision to reopen schools has come from the government; we are responsible for ensuring we can adhere to their guidelines safely, which we feel we can. This document from the government for parents will also help you to make a decision if you are still unsure about sending your child back:

What happens next?

As a school, we understand how difficult the decision is for many of you to make. The government has made it clear that you will not be fined if you choose to keep your child at home. We will be calling later today to answer any questions you may have and to ascertain whether you are planning on sending your child back to school.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful half term break.

Best wishes,

Miss Betts, Mrs Brookes and Miss Woolley

Year 6 teachers 

Dear year 6 parents,

As part of our arrangements for getting year 6 children back in school, we are asking that when school reopens, children should please be dropped off and collected from the bottom of the site, on Cutenhoe Road, by their parents or be allowed to walk to and from school on their own. This will mean there are fewer people on site and reduce the risk for everybody. There will be school staff spread out up the hill to ensure children make it into school safely.

If you have children in younger year groups, you will be able to come on site to drop them off.

If you are unhappy to drop off your child at the bottom of the hill, please email or let us know when we phone you later today.

Many thanks,

Miss Betts, Mrs Brookes and Miss Woolley

Year 6 teachers 

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