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W.b. 4.11.19

 Because of our Kingswood trip last week, this has been our first proper week of lessons after half term.

In maths, we have been doing algebra! This is the first time the children have learnt this and they have all worked hard and improved lots. We actually had a lot of fun challenging ourselves! Can your child tell you what algebra is? Can they solve this equation? 3r + 6 = 21. What is r?

In our English and topic lessons, we are learning about World War 2. This children have been fascinated by the topic and have remembered many facts. Can they tell you when WW2 started and ended?

We have spent a lot of time focussing on The Blitz this week. The children were taught what The Blitz was and then were challenged to create paintings showing a scene during it. Check out what they did! We are very lucky to have a year group full of artists!

RAF trip - 8.11.19
Kingswood Day 3