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Good advice about year 6

Hi everyone,

Recently, a number of parents have been asking me what they can do at home to help their child achieve their best in year 6. I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts with everyone so that you could also do this at home too.

- Most importantly, a good night's sleep is crucial. It is always clear when a child has not had enough sleep. They find it hard to focus, they work slowly, sometimes they simply tell you that they haven't had enough sleep. 8pm is a reasonable bed time. Not just going to bed at 8pm but going to sleep. What children do before they sleep is also important. Too much screen time makes it difficult to sleep whereas reading a book is good for the brain, relaxing it.

- Reading at home is a great thing you can do with your child. Reading once per day has a huge impact. That could be your child reading to you or you reading a page each of a book, taking it in turns. Asking questions about the book whilst you're reading, such as, "Would you want to go into that room if you were in the main character's place?" also help. Your child earns a house point for every time their reading record is signed and, when your child reads on average of twice per week in a half term, they also qualify for a reward session on the last day of the half term.

- Number cards are a great, quick way to help develop your child's mental maths. Once a child completes their multiplication card, they move onto the mental maths strategies cards. These strategies link with our school's calculation policy and with the National Curriculum so they are skills that will be tested in the SATs.

- Helping your child with their homework is also fine. It gives you a great insight into what we're doing in class and what your child is expected to be able to do. Homework goes out most weeks, not on weeks where we are doing mock SATs or there is something off-timetable happening. Spellings also go home most weeks so helping your child learn them is really helpful.

- SATs revision books can be purchased and revision websites can be used. We have a Mathletics Club running Monday-Wednesday lunchtimes which the children can also access at home. It is free for them to use. We cover the entirety of the National Curriculum and so everything that your child needs to be taught before the end of year 6 will be taught. Rather than trying to move ahead of where we are in the teaching sequence, it is far more helpful to recap and revise what we have already covered so that children master each part of the curriculum.

If you'd like any more advice or to speak to me in person, I'm more than happy to arrange a meeting or talk to you at pick up time.


Mr Iszchak

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