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Alternative Activity Week

Whilst some of the children went to Norfolk last week, those who remained in school participated in a full week of alternative activities including:&n...
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Year 6 writer of the month - Martyna

Here is an extract from Martyna's narrative writing ... With his bones aching, the old man hunched over the monstrous piano. His fingers met the ancient, ivory keys like long-lost friends, familiar and easy. He felt the warm kiss of his wife as he played. His memories lay heavy in his heart... What was years ago seemed like yesterday to Frank. He remembered the five week trip to Germany. As they arrived, Frank met Gareth, and they were overcome with fear. Each day grew worse than the last. The screams of their comrades dying haunted them and kept them awake each night. Weak in body, weak in mind, their hearts full of guilt, they felt death drawing closer...

Getting enough sleep

‚ÄčA number of children have been complaining about feeling tired during the day, even during the morning lessons, and have said that they are going to ...
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