Hello and welcome to year 5!

Mrs Doran, Mr Smith, Mrs Brookes, Miss Khan, Mrs Begum, Mrs Ireland and finally Mrs Sandler are your year 5 team and we have planned an amazing year just for you! 

On our class page we will be posting class letters alongside key information and important updates regarding your child’s learning.

We will also be posting on this page each week to let you know what the classes have been up to! 

Below are the statutory spellings that we will be learning during this academic year.

year 5 and 6 words


Useful links;

Your child has been provided all their login details and passwords which can be found in their reading records. 

Purple Mash https://www.purplemash.com/sch/surrey-lu1 

My Maths https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login

Rapid Readers/ Active Learn https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0

Science - investigation

  Download PDF File Here Make sure you have looked in your kitchen cupboards and collected different biscuits for this Science lesson today! You ...
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Tuesday 12th january

Good morning year 5, I hope that you are all safe and well and enjoying the activities we are setting every day. It was brilliant to see some pictures...
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Maths and Spelling

 Good morning! Today in Maths you will be learning about Roman Numerals. You have two options, either download the PDF documents below and w...
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Home olympics

Home olympics
Good morning year 5! Today is the start of our Home Olympics! For today, I am sharing a link to Joe Wicks live workout. He will be going live at 9:00 ...
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Dreams and Goals lesson 1

Our PSHE unit for this half term is Dreams and Goals. Follow the slides below and then send your ideas and reflections into Mrs Doran or Mrs Brookes f...
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Monday 11th January

Good morning year 5. It's a new week with new challenges ahead.  This week we want to see every single one of you who is working from home s...
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Maths work

Good morning. Here is your maths work. If you would like to watch a recording of Miss Khan teaching the maths, then please head over to Class Doj...
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Looks like there was a glitch with the English- here is the quick version.

Looks like there was a glitch with  the English- here is the quick version.
  Download PDF File Here Enter your text here ...


Hi Year 5! Well done to those of you who managed to complete the movement scavenger hunt! I hope you enjoyed it! As it is Friday, I here is a challeng...
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Friday's here

The last day of the week- so just English, maths and spellings to do today- for any of you have come late to the remote learning, you could use t...
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A little music

Hi, year 5. As most of us are not in school, we cannot take our glockenspiel lessons on any further at the moment. Instead, I'd like you to have some ...
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Maths and spellings

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and safe. I have been so impressed to see many of you interacting with the work set and importantl...
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 Good morning year 5! Well done to those of you who have sent in logos for the Home Olympics that we are starting next week, they are really good...
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Some of yesterday's work

I just wanted to share some of yesterday's work with you all- to inspire some people to send theirs in and to celebrate the achievements of other...
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Science - filtration

Science - filtration
  Download PDF File Here Learn about filtration and how to make a simple filter to clean water from materials you have around your home.

Good morning and welcome to Thursday

It was so lovely to catch up with work and parent comments from some of you yesterday. I hope that we will have more work sent in today.  Yo...
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Science lesson 2

Science lesson 2
Have fun dissolving!    Download PDF File Here

Good afternoon.

Your new topic for this term is science-based. Put your science head on and let's begin... Today there are two lessons of science to work through...
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​Good morning year 5! I hope you are all safe well. From next week, we are going to start our very own Home Olympic games! But... WE NEED YOUR HELP......
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Maths and Spelling lesson 1

Good morning year 5! I hope you are all well and keeping busy doing the activities planned. Below is your first maths and spelling lesson. For maths I...
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