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Wednesday's reading challenge

 You have a new CGP reading book- if you haven't collected it from school yet, you or an adult need to go up to school and collect it from reception- a message went out before half term and yesterday to remind you that we would be needing it today.

This week, we are going to look at the first text in the book- Daffodils.

I have got a few little daffodils in my garden that are just coming into bloom- a real sign of spring.

The poem we are going to use for our reading challenge is a very famous English poem by a man called William Wordsworth.

Read the text carefully and then answer the first set of questions on pages 6 and 7.

Make sure you answer as fully as needed. Some answers will need a tick in the box, some will need lines to match parts of the questions. Others will need a full sentence- make sure you use evidence from the text.

Once you have completed the questions, ask an adult to mark you  answers using the answer page. Send in a photo of your marked work so we can see how you did.

Tomorrow- you will be answering the second set of questions.

PLEASE do not complete any other texts in the book as we will be asking you to bring these back in with you when we return to school and we will be using them in class.

Kaspar, Prince of Cats
Joe Wicks