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W.b. 14.1.19

In literacy this week, we have learnt about what makes a really good suspense story. Next week, we are going to write the sequel to the spooky story we have been learning in class. Can your child tell you about their story plan? 

In maths, we have continued to practice converting between different units of measure and the children have really impressed us with how much they have improved. Can they remember how many metres are in 5.6km?

As we are sure you will already know, the children now have a target to read 3 times a week at home and have their reading record signed 3 times to show this. Well done to the majority of the children in Year 5 who have achieved this target! Thank you to all the parents who are supporting us with this. Reading is so important and will help the children improve their reading and writing. Best of all, if they have the right book, it should be fun!

Our current class story is called Room 13. The children are loving reading it and are completely gripped by it! Why not ask them about the book and what they think is in Room 13?  

In science this week we have started our new topic on materials and their properties. We started off with an investigation into solubility. We tested whether temperature can change how much salt is dissolved in water. We found that salt dissolved much quicker in hot water and this was because the hot water particles have more energy. Check out the pictures of us investigating!

On Friday afternoon this week we had our interclass football tournament! We had lots of fun and Garnet managed to clinch victory for the second time! Well done! 

Finally, we have an author coming to Surrey Street on Tuesday 5th February! Unfortunately, year 5 wont get to see the assembly he is doing as we will be swimming but the children will still have the opportunity to buy some books if they would like.  A letter is attached below about the visit.

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