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Thursday's here...

 Good morning.

We hope that you enjoyed your work yesterday- I am hoping to go back through the week's work today and put together some pictures to share with you about all the great work that has been going on. 

Today, your timetable will be English, available from about 9:00. Read Theory for about 20 minutes. PE to fit in around your sessions which Mr Smith will be posting- I already know what it is and it looks really good fun again!

At about 11:00, Miss Khan will publish the maths with a video available on ClassDojo. After maths there will be some French to do either before or after lunch and then the final science lesson for this week at about 1:00 from Mrs Brookes.

Don't forget, the next chapter of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe will be available for the end of the afternoon- a relaxing way to end your school work.

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