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Our new topic- art!

Welcome to the afternoon lessons. Thank you to all those children who have already uploaded their work to the portfolio- please remember to add yours before the end of the school day. 

Our new topic this week is all about sculpture- investigating what we mean by sculpture, what we might think about different sculptures and how we can create some of our own using things we can find around us at home or in the garden- if you have one.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the different sculptures you make and send in by way of photos to your portfolio. Today is very much a  thinking lesson to get you ready for creating tomorrow.

For tomorrow and the rest of the week, you will need some kitchen foil, cardboard from cereal boxes or the like, plastic bottles and other recyclable things you should be able to find at home. Make sure you check with an adult before you cut anything up!

None of the sculptures need glue, but you will need a pair of scissors.

Have fun!

Maths and Spellings 24.02.21