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Knebworth House!

On Thursday 3rd May, Year 5 had a fantastic day at Knebworth House! We had a wonderful tour of the house with very knowledgeable tour guides. We are shortly going to be writing persuasive texts imagining that we are selling Knebworth House so it was a great experience to see inside. Did you know that Charles  Dickens stayed at the house and was taught to write there?  What other facts can your child remember about their informative tour?

We then got to explore the dinosaur trial but the teachers had to be careful as apparently the dinosaurs like to eat teachers! We then got to try to escape through a maze.

We ended the day by having a play in Fort Knebworth: Knebworth House's awesome play area! We zoomed down slides; swung on swings; and flew along zip lines!

A huge thank you to all  parents who paid so promptly for this trip; we know this one was expensive but the children had a fantastic day! :)

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