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E-safety - information for parents

​Our unit in Computing this term is going to be about E-safety. This is an extremely important topic and something we definitely need to discuss and learn about in Year 5 as children spend more time using the internet. We have been having discussions in class about how to stay safe online and in particular when using Youtube and Roblox as we have found these are popular sites with the children at the moment. We have had some reports from children that mean comments are being made to others on this website. Please be vigilant with the children and ensure to check what they are posting. I have also attached a link to a video which contains tips on staying safe on Youtube. Please inform your child's teacher if you are concerned about anything and we will discuss and deal with this in class. Thank you.


5 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Kids Video | Common Sense Media

Parent's Guide: watch Common Sense Media's 5 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Kids advice video to help you make informed decisions with your children.
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