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Wb 30.10.14

In literacy, for the next few weeks we will be looking at 'Portal' stories. We began our topic by watching the film 'Flight of the Navigator' which we really enjoyed! The story we will be focusing on is called 'Alien Landing'. This week we are working hard to learn the text by acting it out using the story map.  

In computing, we are using the program on purple mash called 2Code to design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals. Don't forget each child has their own specific log in for Purple Mash so they can access all these games at home!

 In numeracy, we are looking at data handling. Data is information which usually includes numbers or measurements which is gathered to answer questions. We interpret data by using it to answer questions and draw conclusions. We have looked at bar charts, pictograms and even collected our own data. 

Wb 6.11.17
Wb 17.10.17