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Wb 25.9.17

Thank you to everyone who came to school wearing non-uniform and donated money for McMillan cancer research!

We took part in a very exciting workshop by EXPLORE learning where we had to prepare a Roman banquet for the emperor or we would have been fed to the lions! Thankfully we managed to complete this task and while doing so, we solved simple number and time problems while learning about roman numbers!

In numeracy, this week we are learning all about addition. We have been using place value counters to add three and four digit numbers. We have also learnt to add using the column method and the extended column method.

In literacy, we have invented our own version of a story sticking to the plot pattern of 'meeting someone'. We planned our story and orally rehearsed to each other before writing it in our Big Write books. Here we are using our writing targets to produce our best work!

In science we are still learning about animals including humans. We discussed how fluoride helps protect our teeth (egg experiment) and how the digestive system works.  

Wb 2.9.17
Wb 18.9.17