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Wb 17.10.17

 In numeracy, we are learning about time and solving time problems. We have learnt to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks. 

In literacy, we are on invention week and this week we are going to be planning our advert advertising Surrey Street!  Here we are looking through our plans and writing our adverts while referring to our writing targets.

In D.T we used our plans to make our pop up garden books! We included different mechanisms such as rotating wheels, leavers and window flaps.  

 This half term's R.E day was based on 'What do religions teach about the natural world and why should we care about it?" We learnt about different creation stories and did a mini assembly showing our understanding on the Christian one. We finished off by writing an advert persuading people to donate money to charities such as Christian Aid.  

Wb 30.10.14
Wb 9.10.17