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Wb 18.9.17

In numeracy, we have been learning to subtract on a number line, solve word problems (using RUCSAC), solve inverse (opposite) problems and solve missing numbers! We have also been working really hard to achieve more awards on our number cards- don't forget to keep practicing at home!

In literacy, we have innovated the story of 'The Drum' but boxing up our ideas. We have been writing our new versions of the story a little bit each day. However we have also gone back to edit and redraft our work to improve it and make it even more interesting! 

‚ÄčOur topic in science this term is all about Animals including humans (digestive systems, teeth and food chains). We know what the terms carnivore, omnivore and herbivore mean, but also what consumers and producers are in relation to the eco-system and food chains. Why don't you ask us to find out! 

Wb 25.9.17
Wb 11.9.17